Paris Airport Shuttles:

Paris Airport Shuttles is an Off-shore society implemented in Paris that has decided to apply its expertise,experience, resources to ensure the transfer of clients in all airports of Paris.Thanks to our sophisticated qualities of services, we are considered as a reference society at the level of the service of transfers and at the level of the various means .

About us

Our human resources:

We are currently at the heart of development of the transfer service thanks to a well-trained team.
the company resources are now :
10 employees , men and women, employed for a full- time or a part-time
• 10 drivers , specialists, well presented and elegant and having a good appearance , they are required to meet the needs and expectations of the client , and because every client is unique , the ambition of Paris Airport Shuttles is to provide each customer with a personalized service .
• 3 responsible for planning.
• An assistant, whose main task is to manage the cars
As a customer offshore support for managing customer requests.

Whatever the destination , our shuttles are equipped with air conditioning and a GPS navigational system taking into account the actual traffic conditions to allow transportation in comfort and consistency foolproof.
Our vehicles are equipped not only with a system of geo- location to know the location of the shuttles but also with interesting statistics.
Our drivers are equipped with a mobile phone and a discreet hands-free kit , to be in direct relation with their operational managers and customers without any risk.
Our shuttles are regularly reviewed and cleaned as necessary.

Our main Destinations
Beauvais <> Disney
Airport CDG <> Paris
Airport Orly <> Paris
Airport CDG <> Disney
Airport Orly <> Disney
Beauvais <> Paris
Disney <> Paris